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Clan Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

The Clan Aromatic Pipe Tobacco is a complex blend consisting of 14 different tobaccos including Burley, Kentucky, Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Virginia, Perique, Turkish and Maryland leaves to name but a few. Mild, cool and slow burning with unique aromatic qualities.

Pensioners Mixture Pipe Tobacco

This blend is made from 'a little bit of everything' , the bits and pieces of tobacco left over throughout the manufacturing process. Flavoured with an aromatic scent. The blend does vary from time to time.

One to try, a great mild to medium smoke.

Condor Blended 50g

Lighter and milder than the original with a rich flavour and medium strength producing a cool/slow burning smoke.

Gold Block 40g

Ogdens Gold Block Pipe Tobacco with Virginia, Cavendish and other choice tobaccos sweetened by a secret process in a 40g pack. Smoke this tobacco peacefully.

St Bruno flake 50g

Probably the most famous pipe tobacco in the world, the Ogdens St Bruno Flake pipe tobacco is produced from a blend of Virginia with a small addition of Kentucky which has been cooked under pressure to enhance the character and bring out the natural flavours.

Alsbo Sun Gold 50g

Bright and mild Virginia tobacco blended with super mild Black Cavendish with a smooth vanilla flavour. The remarkable Dane with the unique vanilla aroma. Bright and orange Virginia Tobaccos blended with an Orange Black Cavendish creates a mixture of high quality. Our sweet vanilla flavour adds extra character and a perfectly balanced taste and room-note.

Alsbo Black 50g

An aromatic Black Cavendish blend with golden Virginia highlights. Soft hazelnut & Vanilla flavours.

Alsbo ruby 50g

A combination of black cavendish, burley and virginia. This is a very mild smoke flavoured with black cherry and wild cherry.

Borkum Riff Ruby 50g

Borkum Riff Ruby Pipe Tobacco 50g, is a premium quality, heavily aromatic mix of dark Kentucky and Burley tobacco, enhanced with the soft delicious taste of cherry and just a touch of vanilla. The blend is heavily fermented to give a warm, luxurious smoke with a light sweet aroma. This i a brilliant pipe tobacco with a medium strength of taste and a very pleasant room note. A highly aromatic blend. Kentucky, Burley, and Cavendish, sweetened with the luxurious flavour of cherries, and a touch of vanilla, producing a delicious smoke with a great aroma.

Clan 25g/ 50g

The Pipe Tobacco with the Unique Blend
Clan Original has its own character. We use a symphony of more than 14 different tobaccos from around the world to create this blend.


A black cavendish tobacco blend with spicy US burley and selected Virginias. The tobacco flavour is fully developed during a special fermentation period. With added top flavors of vanilla and orange to enrich the mixture.


The Royal Navy Flake by Holger Danske is among the finest flake tobaccos on the market today. A Pure tobacco blend that is lightly flavoured with citrus and plum. Producing a extremely cool smoke taht tickles the taste buds and stimulates the senses this is one of the best.


Cool, satisfying mild blend in the traditional style - rubbed out for ease of filling.

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