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Mini Cigars

Welcome to the world of Peterson craftsmanship, where elegance and dedication to quality go hand in hand, take a little time to browse through the collection of pipes, cigars, tobaccos, accessories and gifts illustrated on our website. Whether you are choosing, Peterson for your own use or as a gift, you can be sure that the everlasting quality and fine craftsmanship of a Peterson product will always be appreciated.

Neos Mini Java

Neos Mini Cigarillos are thinner than your normal cigarillos. That makes them the perfect size for your short smoking opportunities. So the next time youre in a hurry, but you crave a few delicious puffs before getting on with your tasks, reach for your pack of Neos Mini Cigarillos. Packed in tins of ten cigarillos, Neos are also flavored to provide a delightful addition to your tobacco pleasure

Neos Feelings Red

The Feelings Selection series from Neos introduces a finely blended mini cigar at a very fair price. Neos Red Feelings Selection brings the creamy luxury of Vanilla to your Ecuadorian-wrapped smoking experience.

Neos Feelings Ruby

This small cigar has a cherry and fragrant flavour.

Neos Selection Cappriccio

The Neos Selection Cappriccio are produced from a blend of Burley and Virginia, which have been infused with a smooth and chocolatey coffee flavour before being finished with the highly sort after Java Besuki wrapper, which adds even more flavour and character to these cracking miniature cigars.

Café Crème Original 

Since the beginning of the 20th century Henri Wintermans has imported the finest cigar leaf from Indonesia, Cuba and Colombia to produce Café Crème at first and subsequently a range of miniature cigars to suit every taste.
Packed with flavour these small cigarillos are perfect when time is short. 

Café Crème Blue

Café Crème Blue have dry cured Java, Dominican and Columbian tobaccos at their heart with a Java wrapper. The smooth creamy flavour makes Henri Wintermans Café Crème Mild the most requested flavoured cigar in the world.
Excellent with a good cup of coffee.

Café Crème Arome Filter

Café Crème "Filter Arome" with a hint of coffee are made from a blend of Arfican and Brazilian leaf. This filter cigarillo by Henri Wintermans is known and requested worldwide.
Next time you want a small cigar with a difference?.. try one.

Romeo Y Julieta Mini

The Romeo Julieta, Cuban, miniature cigars make a great introduction to Cuban cigars or are often used for a quick smoke when there isn’t the time to commit to a full size Cigar. They offer more flavour than other cigars of the same size as they are made from the same Cuban tobacco leaves as the larger hand rolled Havanas.

Montecristo Mini

Montecristo Mini Cuban cigars are ideal for both the novice and the more experienced cigar smoker. The perfect small cigarillo, enjoy as an aperitif or a short smoke.

Cohiba Mini

Small cigars manufactured with Cuban tobacco of Vuelta Abajo. Cohiba has a flavour only found on this brand, the flavour with the greatest prestige in the world of tobacco. 

Montecristo Club

The Montecristo Club cigars make a great introduction to the magic of Cuban cigars or for a quick smoke when there isn’t the time to commit to a full size Cigar. They offer more flavour than other cigars of the same size as they are made from the same Cuban tobacco leaves as the larger hand rolled Havana’s and are comparable to the Cohiba Panatelas at a fraction of the price. All Cuban Miniature cigars are made from 100% un-processed tobacco leaf and you will not experience any chemical tastes as found in a cigarettes or cheaper mass produced cigars. All you will taste in a Montecristo Club is Tobacco.

Cohiba Shorts

An exciting new size from one of the most prestigious cigar brands has joined the family of Cuban Minis, Puritos and Clubs. The Cohiba Short combines the length of a Cuban Mini with the width of a Puritos and is machine-made in Cuba using tobaccos from the same region reserved for Habanos. The stylish and innovative pack opens to reveal ten cigars each dressed with the iconic Cohiba band. They are also individually wrapped in cellophane to maintain smoking condition and for added protection. This new format is sure to appeal to a wide range of smokers.


Presented in a stylish pack of 10 minis. Intense, rich, earthy aromas for which the brand is renowned. Made from leaves harvested from the same plants used for hand made Habanos. Ideal for a taste of Cuba during a brief alfresco smoking break.

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