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Gawith Hoggarth


This sweet rich mixture combines the natural sweetness of sun cured tobaccos, with fully ripe Virginias and Burleys. The casing and top flavours include maple and honeydew, all of which contribute towards providing a notably satisfying smoke.


This blend is made from 'a little bit of everything' , the bits and pieces of tobacco left over throughout the manufacturing process. Flavoured with an aromatic scent. The blend does vary from time to time.

Balkan Mixture

For Gawith, Hoggarth & Co's Balkan Mixture, the finest flue and sun-cured Virginia, dark Indian air-cured, and Latakia are expertly blended with Latakia to give the smoker a unique taste and aroma.

Kendal Black Cherry

Straight from the bag this tobacco has a rich and sweet aroma of ripe cherries. The fruitiness does end their, as soon as you light the bowl you are greeted with a creamy and highly flavoured smoke. Favoured by those both new to pipe smoking and for those who enjoy a lighter, sweeter smoke from time to time. The room note on this tobacco will please most, with the fruity aroma of cherries. 


This blend red & orange grades of Virginia & Burley with a little casing makes this Red a great repalcement for Amphora. The light, sweet fruity tastes can be found throughout the whole bowl. For a tobacco this light there is no tongue bite. A sweet, fruity smoke with a sent that is pleasant for people around you

Rum & Maple (50G)

Gawith Hoggarth Rum and Maple broken flake pipe tobacco is rich, dark and medium in strength. Made from naturally sweet sun cured and Virginia tobaccos blended and pressed with rum and maple flavours.


Ennerdale Flake Tobacco by Gawith Hoggarth, presented in this 50 Gram Tin is a broken flake tobacco and one of the finest flakes on the market. A superior blend, loved by many pipe smokers. Fruit, almond and vanilla undertones from Virginia leaves from around the world make this Ennerdale Flake a classic. 


This tobacco is a blend containing 75% dark fired leaf 12.5% Malawi Burley and 12.5% Virginia. Your would therefore rightly expect a very strong smoke and one perhaps dominated by the pungent burnt smokey flavour so characteristics of leaf cured by open fire and smoke. However, a comparison of this tobacco to the sliced brown unscented reveals the marked differences made by the blending of other tobacco grades, the cooling process and the addition of suitable casings and top flavours.


Gawith Hoggarth Mahogany Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco is an aromatic and mellow easy smoking blend of pressed Virginias with a light flavour and very pleasant room aroma.

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