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American Blends

Established in Kendal during the mid 1800s, Gawith Hoggarth manufactures the finest tobaccos and snuffs using the highest quality raw materials available, still, in many instances using the original machinery from our factory's formative years.

American Blends Cherry and Vanilla

Gawith Hoggarths American Cherry and Vanilla is a ready rubbed blend of exceptionally smooth, mellow flavoured, Red Burley Black Cavendish & Virginia tobacco's. The blend has been top dressed with the flavours of Ripe Fresh Cherry and smooth Vanilla extracts. This is a very popular tobacco and is one of our best sellers.

American Blend Caribbean Coconut is produced using smooth, mellow flavoured, Dark Cavendish tobacco's with a small addition of Virginia. Gawith Hoggarth have then top dressed this ready rubbed pipe tobacco with a rich and creamy Coconut and Nougat flavouring.

Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco - American Blend in Denmark. This heavily cased tobacco is made from a cool and mellow base of, Black Cavendish,Virginia and/or Burley. This classic American style base is then given a sticky and sweet casing of Black Cherry. For a highly aromatic blend that smells as good when burning as it does out of the bag.

American Vanilla is an beautiful blend of Black Cavendish and Virginia with vanilla flavouring. You may detect some cherry notes and bourbon whiskey, along with caramel and dark fruits.

A light blend, ideal for the beginner, never the less the seasoned pipe smoker will enjoy the creamy toffee background aroma and a hint of cocoa.

A fantastic blend made from rich black Cavendish tobaccos, finest Burleys and mature Virginias. As soon as you open the jar you are hit with a beautiful cherry and caramel aroma. A real pipe tobacco with such a smooth and sweet taste.

Gawith Hoggarth's American Black & Brown is a blend of double fermented Black Cavendish, Burley and Virginia tobaccos. The tobacco burns cool and the smoke is smooth. The flavour is full and sweet making this a delightful smoke.


A smooth background of caramel combined with a deep/ rich coffee aroma to compliment the rich black Cavendish tobacco.
Coarse Cut.

Sweet caramel & vanilla flavour. The tobacco lives up to this with its blend of Virginia, a touch a burley and black Cavendish. The classic Gawith Hoggarth “American Blend” base is then topped off with Caramel and Vanilla casing. The tobacco is smooth and cool thanks to the addition of Burley, this combined with the sweet aroma, makes this ideal for those with a sweet tooth.

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